Deflationary (2% reflected, 8% to liquidity), unruggable, and green. Fair launched and community owned. Currently working on our CMC application!

Audit Report


MINT works by taking a 10% fee on every transaction. That fee is broken up into 2 parts. Reflection - 20% of the fee (2% of the transaction) is distributed to every wallet that holds MINT on a percentage basis. The more MINT you hold the more you will receive! LP Generation - 80% of the fee (8% of the transaction) collected in MINT is sold into BNB. That BNB is married up with the remaining 2% of MINT and deposited back into the PancakeSwap liquidity pool. These two functions work together to reward holders.

Our coin is more than rapidly growing; it's also a coin with a purpose. We want to protect users from being scammed through early detection of the "Mint" function being used on a contract. Additionally, we want to rewards our long term holders by adding Farming. Lastly, we want to continue to partner with other teams - we recently supported the MoonStop team with their V5 launch and will be conducting an airdrop to their top holders.



We want to reward everyone for holding on top of receiving reflect, which is why we're working on enabling farming


We take pride in helping others, that's just how we were raised! Click the telegram logo below and reach out!


Scams, ugh! We hate them too and are working on helping the crypto community by detecting the mint function early


There's more than enough of us to go around! That's why we want to expand to platforms like APE-SWAP, WhiteBit, Bilaxy, KuCoin, and others!

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